5 Things to Know About Having an Electric Car Charging Station At Home

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electric car charging

You charge your cellphone, your computer, your tablet, and you smartwatch at home, but why can’t you charge your electric car?

Electric cars like the Tesla and the Chevy Volt are multiplying like rabbits. And they’re becoming more and more feasible for the regular Joe and Jane.

But if you’ve just bought an electric car or you’re on the fence as to whether to buy one, know that it’s completely possible to charge your car at home.

But there are a few things you should know before installing an electric car charging station in your home.

1. Utility Costs Aren’t Nearly As High As You’d Think

While the cost of charging your car will vary widely across the United States, it won’t ever rise above the cost of running a 40mpg vehicle.

And that’s running an electric vehicle in Hawaii!

While it costs anywhere between 10-16 cents per mile to run a gasoline vehicle. Running an electric car only costs 2.5-4.5 cents per mile.

So, installing an electric car charging station in your home might run up your electric bill, but you’ll end up spending less compared to gasoline prices.

2. You Need to Consider the Amperage Capacity of Your Electric Car Charging Station

Before you choose a charging station, you need to understand amperage.

At least a basic understanding is necessary.

Amperage is the strength of the electricity flowing to your car.

The higher the amperage, the faster the charge.

If you want your car charged up to thirty miles of capacity in an hour, you need a thirty amp electric car charging station.

If you want 15 miles per hour charging, you need 15 amps.

But if you want to charge your car overnight, it’s really really recommended that you install a 30 amp charger.

3. Consider the Location of Your Electric Car Charging Station and the Length of Cable

How big is your garage? Where is the port on your car?

You need to buy a charging station that has a long enough cable to reach your car’s port every time.

Are you testing out the whole electric car thing by buying just one and not upgrading your second car? You might want to consider the fact that you’ll upgrade the second car.

Pick a location in your garage where the cable can easily reach both cars.

4. Avoid Installing a Permanent Electric Car Charging Station

You may not stay at your home forever. And if someone moves in after you ship out, they may not have an EV.

You can install a NEMA 14-50 outlet and then plug in an adapter for your portable charging station.

5. There Are Regulations for Your Electric Car Charging Station

Basically, find out the laws regarding your electric car charging station. The company you go to for installation should know this.

But it’s a good idea to check the law yourself to make sure you are doing everything right.


If you just recently bought an electric car, congratulations. You’ve entered a new era of transportation.

If you’re interested in an electric vehicle charging station installation, contact us.

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