Charging Stations for Electric Cars Seen to Multiply Before 2020

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charging stationsCharging stations for electric cars may ease out the gas-filling stations in the near future when the demand for eco-friendly, zero-gas-emission electric vehicles (EV) increases. The projected spike on orders is relative to the rising global pressure to address the worsening global warming issues. This alarming phenomenon brought about primarily by excessive combustion of fossil fuel is creating the greenhouse effect, seriously polluting the air.

The electric car has been around since the 19th century. The first of its kind was invented by Thomas Parker in 1884 in London.  Four years later another EV was invented by German inventor Andreas Flocken. The popularity of the electric car waned at the turn of the 20th century with the upsurge in the production of cheaper internal combustion engine cars.

The gasoline-fed vehicles can re-fuel at a faster rate than recharging the battery of the EV. However, at the beginning of the 21st century, EVs have bounced back with a more powerful rechargeable battery. Charging stations for electric cars were set up like regular gas stations in many places for easy re-charging access.

Difference between an All-electric Vehicle and a Plug-in Hybrid Car

All-electric vehicles use a 120-volt charging cable that comes with the car when you buy it. Depending on the range of your car’s model, charging time and kilowatts used may vary. Charging stations for electric cars set up in public places or private establishments are managed by electric companies or ran by private entrepreneurs. These public plug-in stations can charge any car model according to its electrical requirement.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicles can run with electricity and regular gasoline fuel. This model is best for drivers who have “range anxiety”. If the rechargeable battery is depleted, you can switch to the gasoline fuel engine without problem. This is a practical choice if you travel long distances and there are no available charging stations for electric cars along your route.

Charging stations for electric cars can be installed in your home if you want to charge overnight from the comforts of your home.  The charging system can be set up in your garage where it is convenient for you to charge. Experienced electricians can install according to the car manufacturer’s specifications.

If you already have a charging station for electric cars in your home but wish to upgrade your system, you would still need a professional electrician to configure your set up to make sure it is code-compliant and safe.