Charging Station for Electric Cars is the New Gasoline Station

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electric carsThe 21st century ushered in so many innovations with the purpose of lessening if not attempting to totally eliminate, man’s carbon footprint. In order to give our only planet a chance to recover from our misuse, we have to make a concerted effort to lessen greenhouse gas emissions thereby reducing the impact of global warming. One such invention is the electric cars which compared to vehicles with combustible engine emissions; do not emit harmful carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide gases. Charging stations for electric cars will be the gas stations of the future.

The oil producers may resist the mass production of electric cars because it could make fossil fuel obsolete. However, the clamor for cleaner air is getting stronger. The 1st world countries are now paying attention to the worldwide effects of pollution and consider the electric vehicles (EV) as an alternative.

Over 30 models of electric vehicles were sold in Japan, China, US and Western European countries by the end of 2015. In Rome you can see charging stations for electric cars by the sidewalk looking like parking meters with cables attached to the cars. Despite the initial apprehension over the range of distance that electric cars can travel, rechargeable batteries and charging stations for electric cars answered the issue.

Advantages of an Electric Car

  • Smooth and Fast- If you are used to the petroleum-powered cars and tried the electric vehicle for the first time, you will immediately notice the difference in starting and accelerating. The EVs power up quietly without the spurts and chugging starts of a regular car.
  • Easy Charging- Battery can be charged in a charging station for electric cars or you can charge it overnight at home. If you are using solar panels in your home, you can save more money.
  • Low Maintenance Cost- Electricity is cheap in many parts of the world and the cost of using electricity in your EV is about one-third of your gasoline consumption per mile. You also don’t need to change oil periodically. There is no need to service your car except for the regular tire rotation. Charging stations for electric cars are located in strategic places within your community, no need to travel far.
  • No exhaust – EVs do not have tailpipe emission because they don’t burn fuel. Electric cars are eco-friendly and can greatly improve the quality of the air you breathe.

The overall advantages of EVs outweigh its disadvantages.  As long as there is a charging station for electric cars along your way and capable electricians installing proper charging stations to serve you, you have nothing to worry about.