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Commercial Charging Stations

Commercial charging stations provide access to electric fuels for electrical and plug-in hybrid vehicle owners who are away from home.

Charging stations are made to provide universal accessibility. Although electric and hybrid vehicle owners typically own chargers at home, commercial charging stations provide extra convenience.

Built for commercial applications, commercial charging stations can increase the daily range of electrical vehicles and decrease gasoline usage among hybrid electric vehicles.

Types of Commercial Charging Stations

Commercial charging stations may come in 2 types. These are AC Level 2 and DC fast charging or Level 3.

Level 2 charging stations are one of the most common public charging stations. They are equipped with 208 volts and provide approximately 10-20 miles of range per hour of charging.

Ideally, level 2 charging stations are placed where vehicle owners are highly concentrated and have their vehicles parked for hours, such as shopping malls, parking spaces, airports, hotels, and business centers. They offer additional amenity for customers or users while they work, eat, or shop because they are likely to be on the premise for several hours at a time.

Level 3 charging stations are also known as DC fast chargers. These charging stations stay true to their name. The DC fast chargers are equipped with 420-500 volts and can provide 50-70 miles of range per 20 minutes of charging.

DC Fast chargers are a good fit for stop-and-go establishments, such as diners and convenience stores, or major thoroughfares where electric vehicle owners are driving long distances and need to address range anxiety.

Network and Non-Networked Charging Stations

Charging stations can be networked or non-networked.

Networked charging stations are connected to the internet. They have web portals where users can manage their charging stations. They come with special features, such as the ability to bill for usage and view details on system use, the amount of electricity consumed, and their subsequent costs.

Non-networked charging stations do not come with any management tools. There is no way of knowing the usage or costs. They are simply used to supply energy to electric vehicles.

Rising Industry

Rising Industry

According to a report by Navigant Research, the sales in the electric vehicles are expected to increase to 3.8 million worldwide by 2020.

With battery-powered electric vehicles on the rise, the development of charging stations is also on the rise. For business owners, this appears to be a high time to consider commercial charging stations for their business establishments.