What Does the Future Look Like With Autonomous Cars?

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Autonomous Self Driving Cars


Are you tired of losing half of your day running errands? Sick of sitting in traffic? Do you wish someone else could take care of all that for you?

Good news: the arrival of autonomous cars, AKA self-driving vehicles, is closer than ever.

While this is exciting for tech nerds, car junkies, and pretty much anyone with a love for innovation, autonomous cars also come with a unique set of challenges. Yet, there are plenty of benefits as well.

What will the future hold when it comes to self-driving cars? Read on to find out.

Self-Driving Cars Will Save Lives

One of the biggest anxieties people have about self-driving cars?

That they’ll cause tons of accidents and take countless lives.

The good news?

Many experts say self-driving cars will actually save far more lives than they put at risk, by eliminating dangerous, at-risk drivers from our roadways.

Of course, these cars will help to ensure drunk drivers don’t get behind the wheel of a car. They’ll also make a huge difference when it comes to exhausted or distracted drivers.

For example, shipment drivers who often must make long cross-country trips could finally get a break without compromising productivity.

They’ll Create New Markets

It’s only natural for consumers to be concerned about how self-driving cars will impact the overall economy.

Many also fear that their jobs, especially if they work in the fleet industry, will be at risk.

But don’t fear: Tesla, Apple, and several other industry giants are already starting to prepare for the new markets that self-driving cars will create.

These companies also want to make it possible for individuals to rent self-driving cars, leading to new jobs and additional markets.

Even better? Financial experts say the shared mobility market created by driverless cars will be valued at over $2.5 trillion.

They’ll Put A Few Extra Dollars In Your Pocket

People concerned about the expense and potential job threats of self-driving cars will be thrilled to know that they can actually help you keep more of your hard-earned money.


You probably won’t be too thrilled to find out that about 7% of car crash costs are paid for with taxpayer money.

Luckily, since driverless cars will decrease the number of accidents, estimates say they could help taxpayers save over $10 billion every year.

Let’s get these cars on the road as soon as possible!

They’ll Be Here Sooner Than You Think

Believe it or not, humanity won’t have to wait hundreds of years to see self-driving cars on the road.

In fact, by 2035, it’s expected that about 21 million self-driving cars will grace our roads. It’s also estimated that between 2025 and 2035, the manufacturing and sales of self-driving cars will increase by 43%.

It’s entirely possible that you could benefit from self-driving cars within your lifetime.

How Can You Prepare For Autonomous Cars?

Even if the future of autonomous cars isn’t here quite yet, it’s always a good idea to start preparing your business for this exciting change.

Perhaps this post got you thinking about how you can improve your own fleet. For example, have you thought about installing electronic vehicle stations?

At Shore Break Electric, we are here to help you handle all your electrical needs — for your home, your business, your vehicles, and more.

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