Looking for Lighting in Huntington Beach, CA?

Looking for Lighting in Huntington Beach, CA?

Make Shore Break Electric your go-to lighting service

No matter what online tutorials tell you, installing new lighting isn't a good DIY project. Even minor wiring mistakes can cause major electrical problems. Don't risk your home and your family's safety. Turn to an experienced lighting electrician from Shore Break Electric for help.

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Brighten your home with all types of lighting fixtures

Shore Break Electric can install an array of lighting fixtures, including:

  • Recessed can lighting: These bulbs fit inside a room's ceiling and are popular in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Pendant lighting: The opposite of recessed lighting, pendant lamps extend several inches or more from the ceiling.
  • Track lighting: As the name suggests, these rotatable lights are attached to a track on the ceiling.
  • Art lighting:Depending on the artwork you want to illuminate, art lighting can come in a variety of forms.
  • Dimmer lighting: Perfect for anyone who likes to set the mood, dimmer lights change from bright to dim with the turn of a dial.
  • Automated lighting: Offering more control than ever, automated lighting lets you program every light in your home.
  • Landscape lighting: Illuminating your home's exterior, landscape lighting often turns on automatically at dusk.
  • LED lighting: Providing better light at a lower cost, LED lights are the way of the future.
Talk to an electrician in Huntington Beach, CA to learn more about your interior and exterior lighting options.