Is Your Circuit Breaker on the Fritz?

Is Your Circuit Breaker on the Fritz?

Call for electrical panel installation and repair services in Huntington Beach, CA

Your home’s electrical panel converts energy from utility lines into energy your appliances can use safely. When something’s wrong with the panel, symptoms can show up anywhere in your home.

The team at Shore Break Electric has the experience needed to pinpoint the problem. We can fix many electrical problems by completing circuit repair work. If your panel has several circuit problems, we can also complete a panel changeout. Call our Huntington Beach, California location now to set up an appointment.

Is it time for a panel changeout?

Old circuit breakers aren’t cut out to meet modern energy usage. If your home is still using a fuse box, Shore Break Electric of Huntington Beach, CA can complete a new panel installation. We can also:

  • Repair dryer circuits
  • Install double oven circuits
  • Upgrade electrical panels
We’ll tell you whether you need a simple circuit repair or a full panel changeout.

For circuit breaker repair, replacement and upgrade services, call 714-483-5568 now.