Top 5 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Lighting Projects Bright

Top 5 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Lighting Projects Bright

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Picture this: You’re just getting back from a long work trip and can’t wait to get home. You grab your car from long-term parking. After what feels like forever, you’re finally pulling onto your street, anxious for that first glimpse of your warm, welcoming humble abode.

You squint your eyes as you get nearer to your house, and realize that your home doesn’t look as welcoming as you thought it would. Wait…what’s missing?

Your front porch light is out, even though it feels like you just changed the bulb.

Good lighting is like air conditioning or electricity. You don’t really notice it when it’s there, but you definitely do when it’s not. It’s essential to set the tone of your home and keep it warm and welcoming.

Keep reading for tips to keep all of your home’s lighting bright, fresh, and lasting.

1. Use Timers

Lots of light fixtures nowadays come with a built-in timer option. Why have your lights on when you’re not using them? Timers can help preserve the life of your bulbs by automatically turning them off when they’re not in use.

For instance, you can set your pool lights to only come on at nighttime to avoid losing their effect during the day. You can also set your driveway lights to a motion sensor, so they’ll only come on when you need them.

Consider switching all your lights to LED bulbs, which are known for their long lives.

2. Keep Lenses Clean

Have you ever gone to get your car’s headlights changed, only to be told they just need to be cleaned?

Same goes for all lighting around your home, especially those outdoor lights. Rain, dirt, and debris can cloud your lenses and dull your lights.

Your kitchen and bathroom lights can also easily gather a layer of invisible grime. Taking time to wipe your lenses regularly will ensure you’re getting the best light your bulbs have to offer.

3. Check Your Bulbs

It seems like it should go without saying, but when a bulb goes out, it ought to be changed immediately. Besides you missing that light, this requirement is actually based on a scientific reason.

When the burnt out bulb is no longer functioning, its voltage gets sent to neighboring bulbs. It’s more than the neighboring bulbs need, and the extra voltage actually shortens their life in the long run.

For your outdoor lighting, keep in mind that extreme temperatures can shorten the life of your lightbulbs! As a result, you’ll want to check them all regularly, to be sure you’sre replacing them as they burn out, thus maximizing the overall life of your lighting.

4. Keep Up With Your Landscaping

As nearby vines and trees grow bigger, they can cover and shade your light fixtures. Don’t let them steal your light!

It’s easy to put your landscaping upkeep on the bottom of your to-do list. Keeping up with it, though, will not only keep your home looking fresh, but keep your light fixtures visible and bright too.

5. Check for Exposed Wires

After big storms, check your outdoor fixtures’ wiring. Wires can be dug up or washed out by rain. Freezing and thawing during winter can also pull wiring up out of the ground.

If you can, try to rebury the wires before the ground freezes again. If you notice that your wiring is damaged, it’s best to leave it to a professional.

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