Depending on the particular discipline, various classes are available at each level. As we seek to promote from within, our multi-level program helps develop an employee progress from basic craft through project management. It provides a basic foundation, cultivates self-esteem and personal growth, and results in the development of confident, capable employees - employees who will lead Shore Break Electric in the decades to come.

Our training program is vital to the success of our organization. Shore Break Electric ensures that our employees are prepared to manage every aspect of the project from estimation through completion.



Safety is a key component in Shore Break Electric culture. We know that injuries can be prevented by eliminating potential risk factors. Coupled with a partnership with the California Contractors Network, Shore Break Electric addresses safety issues through education, risk awareness, and appropriate on-site management.

In addition to on-site weekly training sessions, Shore Break Electric employees receive mandatory safety training provided in-house by credentialed CAL-OSHA trainers. All of our field employees attend regularly scheduled safety classes; and all of our foremen are trained in a 10-hour OSHA safety training class and a Job-Specific safety training class.

In the planning process of every project, Shore Break Electric outlines a series of safety procedures. Regardless of the size and scope of the undertaking, we are equipped to design and implement a safety program that is custom-tailored to fit the project.

Working safely is a condition of employment with Shore Break Electric, although our commitment to maintaining the highest level of safety standards is evident throughout the process, enforcing OSHA compliance is ultimately the responsibility of each employee.

Therefore, we include safety performance in our job performance evaluation process. Linking our employees' safety performance levels with their overall job performance reinforces the value that the company places on safety.